World’s Heaviest women Eman Ahmed dies at Burjeel Hospital of Abu Dhabi


Abu Dhabi: Eman Ahmed, who was crowned the world’s heaviest woman, passed away on Monday. Eman was undergoing treatment for obesity in Abu Dhabi for the past few months. Let me tell you because of obesity, the weight of the Eman was 500 kg, thats why she was said to be the world’s heaviest woman.

36-year-old Eman also came to Mumbai’s Saifee Hospital to get his obesity treatment. During his treatment, there was a huge reduction in his weight. But after the disputes, her sister had taken her back to Abu Dhabi.

Dies Due to Heart and Kidney Disease

Doctors at the Burujil Hospital in Abu Dhabi told that Eman’s death was due to heart and kidney disease. He said that Emaan was kept under the supervision of a team of 20 doctors.

The weight started growing at the age of 11

Eman Ahmed, who lived in Egypt, her weight started to grow at the age of 11. After this she had been hit by many diseases. She had also come to India for treatment in February and under the leadership of Dr. Muffazal Lakdawala in the Saifee Hospital in Mumbai, he was treated by a team of 15 doctors.

After the treatment, it was claimed that the weight of Eman reduced by 324 kg and when he went from India, his weight was stated to be 174 kg. But during this time his sister alleged that he had been given wrong information about the treatment.



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