The Winter Olympics is around the corner, scheduled to be held from 9-25 February 2018 in  Pyeongchang, South Korea. The list of Games includes Alpine Skiing, skating, ice hockey, snowboarding and curling.

Last Olympics was conducted at Sochi, Russia. This Olympics has become much more important given the location. The South Korea which has seen the intense and difficult relationship with its neighboring country, North Korea. The games have found a new meaning in the eye of people who are keen on seeing if this Olympics can be remembered for more than one reasons. The motto of this year Olympics is Passion connected Korean.

A total of 90 countries are estimated to be participating in the games. The games were started in the year 1924 in France. The first games were conducted in France, while Norway has been the most successful country with 329 medals and participating in the 22 games. The Games are part of overall part of Olympics structure, which is conducted every four years.

The historical significance of the games is huge considering the time since it has been conducted. It has seen many wars and peace in the world. The world war II, the cold war is a few of the top reflection of the historical significance of the games. The ongoing tensions between North Korea and South Korea can be one of the next in the list.

We have seen many countries praising the move by North Korea when it decided to send a powerful delegation to South Korea. It is believed that that North Korea is ready to send its players in the games leaving behind the tensions, which have been going on for decades between two countries.

The Game Between North Korea and South Korea

International Olympics committee has tried to help both the countries solve all the problems between them. Recently, a high-level meeting took place between both the nation in the village of Panmunjom, which is a border village also known as Truce village.

Entire world waited with anticipation that this talk would bring some positive news and it did so. The talk was one of the first talks in last two years after the relationship soured between two countries.The zero dialogue between countries has stopped as they have started to develop communication channels between each other.The Olympics have always been an act of togetherness, peace and passion for humanity.

The message of courage and freedom is what sports teach us and if this game is able to pull off the biggest sporting event of the new year, we would see a new dawn in the relationship between different countries, especially North Korea and South Korea. People Believe that this Olympics games could be the icebreaker between both the nations as everyone has turned their attention on Korean nations.

The relation between human beings is truly reflected through the games. The issue has found media attention in all over the world given the recent war of words exchanged between North Korean Leader and US president. Will we see another Olympic, which will create peace between nations?



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