Will Dalai Lama Return To Tibet


Did China open up covert channels to invite Tibetan spiritual guru Dalai Lama back to Tibet? There’s no official comment on it yet from either side.

Tseten Sandup, secretary to the Dalai Lama, preferred not to comment on it when asked. He said, “You should rather ask people who are writing such articles about their source of information.”

Lately, Dalai Lama confirmed some officials from China were in contact with him unofficially but as of now, he has not received any invitation of returning back to Tibet from Chinese president Xi Jinping.

However, in past Dalai Lama did express his desire to visit Tibet, but if believed to sources the visit to the motherland is unlikely to happen in the near future.

For about a decade Dalai Lama has asked China to advocate middle way approach towards Tibet. He demanded meaningful autonomy for the region under Chinese sovereignty.

China rejected Dalai Lama’s demand outright.

According to sources, if the spiritual guru visits his motherland without any precondition, it would reflect directly that demand for autonomy for Tibet has been given up.

Several times Chinese officials have asked him to accept the sovereignty of China.

In 2011 Dalai Lama took retirement from active politics and since then he has not given any political statement against China.



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