Venus Jupiter Conjunction 2017: Two planets to come stunning close tomorrow

venus jupiter conjunction 2017 details with time and location

Two brightest planets, Venus and Jupiter are set to cross paths tomorrow morning. The theory is termed as Venus Jupiter Conjunction 2017 by leading scientists and star watchers. This astrological phenomenon is quite a thing to watch. The stunning close coming of two planets will not be very clearly visible in bright sky of India but in the countries like UK and France, space enthusiasts are ready with their instruments to experience this fascinating moment.

The two planets will come close to 0.3-degree distance from each other. It will be much clearly visible in the night sky. The expected time for this Venus Jupiter Conjunction is early morning 5:56 AM in the United Kingdom. This means 11:26 AM in India. Indian Standard Time (IST) is 5 hours 30 minutes ahead of UK local time.

What is Venus Jupiter Conjunction 2017

The astronomical conjunction is an occurrence of an event when one more planet come close to any other planet or body in space. It will be called a conjunction if a planet approaches another planet very closely or even if a planet passes very nearly with an object in the sky. During Venus Jupiter Conjunction 2017, Venus and Jupiter will approach each other very closely in the open space. Both the bodies are planets in our solar system.

This astrological event is quite an interesting occurrence for astrologers. Amateur astrologers and star watchers are as excited as professionals. Two bodies will be seen at a distance of 0.3 degrees when seen from Earth. It is almost like overlapping event. For a brief duration, Venus and Jupiter will look like orbiting the sun together. It is like two kids circling a ground holding their hands.

This is how you can watch the astrological event

The atmosphere around us is quite a dusty space. You might not notice it from naked eyes. Most of the urban areas are well illuminated with bulbs, tube lights, signboards etc. This illumination creates a bright contrast in normal atmosphere. To clearly watch Venus Jupiter Conjunction 2017, EmitPost recommend you to go in a rural area.

The event will be visible for a brief duration of around 1 hour. This celestial sighting will be best viewed in the UK. You can still book a ticket and reach there in no time. It would be best you can find a hilltop or a large clear ground. This will give you an unobstructed clear vision of the sky. The Venus Jupiter Conjunction 2017 could be seen with naked eyes but you can experience it clearly with a telescope. However, the two planets will be close enough to be seen from a telescope.

Consider yourself lucky if you find another stargazer (preferably a pro) at the location you pick. You can ask him or her for some assistance. Their expensive kits and instruments can help you experience Jupiter Venus Conjunction at its best. They can also help you identify just the right dots in the sky. Although the two planets will be bright enough to spot easily. Keep your eyes open and stare towards the eastern sky on the lower horizon. Make sure that your view is not obstructed by any tree, hill or building.



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