US will not defend Canada from Ballistic Missile attack


Ottawa: Canada’s top defense official told the parliamentary committee that the US is not obliged to save Canada in the event of a ballistic missile attack. Lt Gen Pierre ST-Amand, Deputy Commander of North American Aerospace Defense Command said on Thursday, “The extent of US policy is not to protect Canada. It is a fact that I am presenting here.” Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) According to the report, this command is responsible for protecting North America from the sky and sea threats.

The point here is that after a series of successful intercontinental ballistic missile tests conducted by North Korea, should Canada join America’s ballistic missile defense program this year? In a review of its latest defense policy, the ruling Liberal government has decided to retain former Prime Minister Paul Martin’s 2005 decision, under which Canada should be out of US missile defense system.

Often political statements have been coming out that if a missile comes to Toronto, Vancouver or Montreal, then America will kill it, while clarifying that, the deputy commander said that there is no guarantee that the political and military leaders of America have decided on this Will take He said, “Although Canada is not a direct threat, on the contrary, in the recent meetings with our National Security Advisor North Korea and in the recent meetings with the North Korean government, we have indicated that Canada is a peaceful and friendly country.”



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