US targets North Korea Missile Launch Sites, Is North Korea Ready For It?

north korea missile

North Korea is known for its Nuclear missile tests provocating the US, which at multiple times had warned about dangerous consequences of it. It regularly tests fires its nuclear missiles to check its nuclear power capability. Despite being condemned of its provocative actions, it has not stopped its nuclear programs.

UNO has warned North Korea of serious damages if it continues to be in its own way. The USA which is an Ally of South Korea and has a military base over there is responding to the unwarranted claims of North Korea about its nuclear missile ranges. Kim Jong-un is accused of running North Korea on his own terms, killing those found to be acting against him while strictly controlling media and public information.

He is also spending huge money on military and weapons. The animosity between North Korea and South Korea is also considered to be one of the reasons for the current situation. While South Korea has found a powerful ally in  The USA, North Korea has found a reliable partner in China.

The USA, which has time and again voiced its opinion regarding North Korea says it will do all it can to save its alliance with South Korea. The current president Donald Trump’s response to the claims made by Kim Jong-un has not been at all responsible and sensible in any way possible.


Countries having the nuclear weapon are considered to be the most powerful and this has pushed many countries to develop nuclear power capability as soon as possible and in any ways possible. The nuclear warheads are ultimate destruction points of the world building to destroy the last iota of humanity left in the humans.

Nuclear proliferation treaty which has been signed by most of the countries seek to reduce the nuclear capability for the offense in the world and develop peace among all nuclear or non-nuclear power nations. The USA which has the most nuclear warheads in the world has failed to reduce it claiming it will do so once Russia complies with its own nuclear warheads.


Building nuclear missiles to strengthen security remains a top goal for North Korea. Finding all methods useless in pressuring North Korea to stop its nuclear program, The USA has decided to experiment a new method. Top sources conclude as claimed in multiple news websites that The USA is planning a small attack on the North Korean nuclear missile stations. It plans to do so to show its seriousness on this matter.

The USA plans to destroy Nuclear missile launch sites of the Pyongyang. As somebody thinks that it may be one of the methods to kill Kim Jong-un since he is seen to be always near nuclear missile launch sites. The USA has started strengthing its base in South Korea to begin its operation. The USA has multiple options available if it were to attack NorthKorea. From Submarines to stealth Fighters, each has the capability to strike down the launch site with precision.

There have been reports in the Newspaper which says that North Korea in recent times has changed its methods of missile launches by turning into the mobile launch vehicle. They are difficult to track and find the exact location.

While The USA must be careful in its approach of a limited strike because North Korea seems to be unaware of any such thing in the war.



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