US Court dealt another blow to Donald Trump’s travel Ban


Los Angeles: A federal court in California, USA, gave a new blow to the Trip Administration’s travel ban and ruled that some refugees be allowed to come to the country. The US Ninth Circuit of Appeals in San Francisco has retained the judgment of the court in Hawaii on Thursday in its new verdict. The administration had appealed against the court verdict of Hawaii.

The new decision states that the ban should be excluded from those refugees, who have formal assurances from an agency in the US that the agency will provide or make such arrangements for the reception and employment services of the refugee. This will clear the way for admission of about 24,000 refugees, whose asylum related requests have already been approved. A panel of 3 judges in San Francisco confirmed that the ban can not be applied to grandparents, grandparents and other close relatives who are living in 6 main Muslim countries and wishing to meet their relatives in the US.
The Justice Department issued a statement saying, “We will go back to the Supreme Court under the duty of the executive branch of the country.” The Supreme Court will reconsider the travel ban in October and study its Constitutionality. President Donald Trump had issued a decree on the arrival of US citizens of Iran, Libya, Syria, Sudan, Samalia, and Yemen for 90 days and temporary ban for 120 days for refugees, after which various US courts Had been banned.



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