US big step against North Korea, imposed ban on 8 banks and 26 officials


WASHINGTON: US has banned eight North Korean banks and 26 bank officials in order to increase pressure on North Korea’s nuclear program. US Finance Minister Steven T. Mnuchin said in a statement that this (fresh ban) is another step towards isolating North Korea to achieve its large goal of peaceful and nuclear weapons free of nuclear weapons. After this step, all the properties and interests of these banks and people in the US will be completely stopped.

It is worth noting that in order to deal with nuclear tests by North Korea, US has recently banned travel to North Korea, including 8 countries. However, Sudan’s name has now been withdrawn in the new list. There are now eight countries which have full or partial restrictions on the new stopping list of the United States. Citizens of North Korea and Chad are barred while the Venezuelan government officials and their families have been banned. Other countries include Iran, Libya, Somalia, Syria, and Yemen. Due to the ever-increasing tension between the United States and North Korea, the countries of Dushas are making sharp attacks on each other.

On Tuesday, North Korea’s Defense Minister blamed the United States, saying that the United States has declared war against North Korea, and gives Pyongyang the right to strike American bombers in its airspace. They said, “America has declared war on our country, in that we have the full right to take every preventive step including killing American bombers in our airspace.” Significantly, North Korea has no diplomatic relations with the US. North Korea’s allegations were rejected by the US White House. The White House said that all allegations made by North Korea are absurd.



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