Two Anchors of Pakistan Fighting OnCamera, Video goes Viral


A video related to Pakistani media is Going viral these days. In this video, two Pakistani anchors sitting in front of the camera are showing a scathing argument. In this video, a female anchor and a male anchor are showing on-screen battles. Both of them are confused about reading bulletins which last for a long time.

On hearing this, the male anchor enhances the mercury and she is sitting on the output panel but complaining to the female anchor from her colleagues, say that talk with your tongue and handle it. This video from Pakistan’s news channel is getting viral in India.

Earlier, another Pakistan News Channel Anchor fight video has become viral. In that viral video, the woman was seen fighting anchor of screen makeup Aristit. The debate between makeup aristot and anchor in the video runs for a long time. Anchor is very upset about his puff, after which there is a lot of confrontation between the two. These videos were also seen quite a lot in India.



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