Turkish Jet skids off Runway All 162 Passengers Safe

A Turkish passenger plane collapsed from the runway and fell to the Black Sea.


New Delhi: A Turkish passenger plane collapsed from the runway and fell into the Black Sea. Pegasus Airlines plane slipped on the runway of Turkish coastal airport There were 162 passengers, two pilot and 4 cabin crew members in this plane.

Those who have been saved rightly. The incident took place on Saturday at Tucson Airport in north-eastern Turkey. Pegasus Airlines said in a statement that the Boeing 737-800 aircraft was going from Ankara to Trabzon. But, the incident of sliding on the runway as soon as it landed.

Passenger Fatma Gordu told that after the accident, he had to stay for 20 minutes. After which it was said to exit from the back door. They said – “As soon as the plane landed. People started shouting loudly. The aircraft was moving quite a bit and then suddenly started falling downwards. ”

A passenger Yuksel Gordu told Emit Post- “The plane could get fire or fall into the sea. Thank God that it did not happen. I think I am stunned by this thinking, it was not good. “Trabzon government official Yule Yavuz said:” The investigation is going on now, how this incident has happened. “The incident caused the airport to close on Sunday morning. A lot of pictures and videos of this incident on social media are becoming viral too.



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