Trump Warns Iran To Face Harder Consequences If Americans Are Attacked


President Trump warned Iran Saturday to face serious consequences if American personnel or American assets are attacked.

He added 52 sites of the Islamic republic is under US target and some of those are at a very high level and important to Iranian culture.

The figure 52 represents same number of Americans who were held hostage in Tehran’s US embassy for more than a year that began in late 1979, said the president.

Trump tweeted, “(Iran) will be hit very fast and very hard. The USA wants no more threats!”

The president defended the drone strike assassination of Qassemm Soleimani, Tehran’s most prominent military commander, Baghdad on Friday.

Tensions between US and Iran have been escalated following killing of Soleimani and the first threat was a hint when two mortar rounds had hit Saturday an area near US embassy in Baghdad.

Iraqi military confirmed the attacks and said there were no casualties, no coalition troops were hurt.

Sources said two rockets slammed into the Al-Balad airbase, north of Baghdad, where US troops are deployed.

Meanwhile, the president also added Soleimani should have been assassinated years ago as he was planning an imminent attack on Americans in Baghdad.

Iran has slammed the killing of Soleimani saying it is an act of war. Iranian Prime Minister Adel Abdel Mahdi said devastating violence to Iraq is on the card.



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