Donald Trump Saga Continues In USA, Which One do You Want To Forget

donald trump saga

Donald Trump became the president of united states at a time when there were peace and humanity in the world. he began his election campaign on unfounded claims and bizarre promises. He soon became a symbol of what enormous amount of wealth can do to your mind kind of situation. Today the citizens are still finding ways to deflect his dangerous tweets and self-applauding characteristics on the social media.

The concept of a leader has been defamed by the elected president of the united states. He has continuously targeted Muslims, minorities and women. His past behaviour has also been talked at length without any valuable output. So the saga of trump continues. Today, we will revisit a few of the highlights of his journey into becoming the top head at the united states of America.

The journey

When he announced that he would contest elections for the presidency, many believed it not be true. While some thought, he may contest but cannot win since he has not any background in politics. He has been businessman his whole life. He has inherited his family business and worked in it his whole life. Many unwarranted facts and misdeeds emerged from the shell once he began his political campaign.

He promised to build a wall along the border of the USA  which it shares with Mexico because he thinks, they are the reasons for drugs and murders in the united states. He promised to ban the Muslims from entering united states which were strongly condemned by everyone in the world. He was also found to be a misogynist person when many women claimed to be assaulted by him in the past. he continued his journey and one point of time even claimed that if he did not win this election, then he would consider this election to be rigged but thanks to the supporters of the trump that day never came.

The Situation Now

Many a time through his illogical and racist tweets, he has been a trending topic on the internet. His biggest effect in manipulating truth comes from his ability to defame media as fake news and claiming every media and newspaper in the country fake, except a few who are his mouthpiece. The culture of whataboutery is famous in his speeches which he continuously utilizes to silence his opponents.

The collision with Russia, the hidden tax statements, the white supremacist march, the gun control laws, the tweets about the North Korean leader, and everything wrong that he said or committed is silenced by the logic of whataboutery. The recent situation where he is targeted for the passage of TAX cut bill in the Congress is GREAT REMINDER of the fact why he has been elected.

Donald Trump received a lot of flake from world leaders for pulling out of the Paris agreement, which he claimed was a scheme to redistribute wealth from rich countries to poor countries. Many of his conspiracy theories have been based on his imagination, which he believes to be true. There seems to increased awareness among people and other elected representative about his misdeeds.



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