Sudanese Military, Protesters Resume Talks Over Power Transfer


Talks between Sudanese pro-democracy protesters and ruling military council resumed Wednesday over a transfer of power to civilian rule.

Deputy chief of the main opposition Umma’s Party, Mariam al-Mahdi, said the meeting between the military council and Forces for Declaration of Freedom and Change took place in capital Khartoum.

Ethiopia and the African Union are the mediators in the talks. Both the sides invited representatives for direct negotiations and end the political crisis in Sudan.

Talks between the two parties collapsed on June 3 when the security forces broke into a protest camp in the capital.

According to a protest negotiator Medani Abbas Medani, the talks between military and FDFC would focus on leadership of the sovereign council.

Earlier it was agreed the civilians have eight seats in the talks while seven for the military. Later it was adjusted as five and six respectively.

There were massive protests over the weekend and demonstrators flooded in tens of thousands on the streets of Sudanese cities. Eleven people were killed in the violence.

Meanwhile, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet intervened Wednesday asking the Sudanese authorities to lift internet restrictions in the country and launch independent investigations.

He said, “It is essential there are prompt, transparent and independent investigations into how all these people lost their lives, as well as into the causes of such a large number of injuries.”



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