Shutdown Starts At Midnight As Us Senate Adjourns With No Spending Bill


Washington: The USA will have to face ‘shutdown’ because of not having passed a budgetary provision at the time of the US Congress. US lawmakers expected that this new bill would be passed before the mid-night expansion of federal funding. Republican Senator Rand Paul pushed the expectations when he demanded a debate in the Chamber on the modification of the cost of maintenance to the cost of the chamber. Earlier in January, the government had to face shut down for three days.

There is an anti-decibel act in the US. Under this, the lack of money in the United States, federal agencies have to stop their work, i.e. employees are sent on leave. They are not paid even during this period. In this situation, the government brings the federal budget, which is necessary for both the House of Representatives and the Senate. In the current situation, it is estimated that more than eight lakh federal employees will be absent. Only emergency services will remain open.



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