The second largest eclipse of the year will be the biggest impact on the US today


Today is the second solar eclipse of the year. According to Indian time, this eclipse will begin at 9.20 pm. And late at 2:30 am. Due to night during this time in India, the solar eclipse will not be seen here. Before this, the first solar eclipse of the year was on February 26 and two weeks before that, on 7th August there was a lunar eclipse.

This eclipse will appear in most parts of Europe, North / East Asia, North / West Africa, North America, West, South America, Pacific, Atlantic, Arctic. After 99 years, there will be a complete solar eclipse in the America.

From 10.15 in the morning in the United States, the solar eclipse will be visible from the coast of Oregon and finish at 2.50 pm on the coast of South Carolina. Partial solar eclipse can be seen in all parts of North America. All the nations of the world will be affected by the solar eclipse today, but the biggest impact can be in the US.



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