Saudi Arabia Prince Mansoor bin died in helicopter crash


Prince Saudi Arabia Prince Mansoor bin died in helicopter crash Makran of Saudi Arabia died in a helicopter crash on Sunday. The news agency Efe told the Saudi Arabian channel Al Arabiya that at the time the helicopter crashed, many officers were being taken. More information about this accident has not been found.

Many people were present with the Prince in the helicopter, all of them died. Let me tell you that this incident happened when Saudi Arabian Anti-Corruption Committee has detained 11 princesses, 4 ministers and dozens of former ministers. Earlier Saudi Arabia had killed a ballistic missile fired from Yemen on Saturday. The missile was torn into the northeast of Riyadh in the capital.

According to media reports, Prince Mansoor bin Mokarnin was the deputy governor of Asir province and was the son of former Crown Prince. After assuming the throne in King Salman’s year 2015, Prince Mansur’s father, Mokarnin bin Abdul Aziz, was isolated.



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