Rajiv Gandhi visit to china broke the ice says Chinese Diplomat


Beijing: A former diplomat of China says that former Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi played a key role in bringing warmth between India and China. He said that in 1988, Rajiv Gandhi’s visit to China led to warming in the relations between the two countries. This tour played an important role in the restoration and development of relations between the two countries. A former Chinese diplomat has made this comment during the debate between the bilateral relations between India and China after the Dokalam and the reforms.

Zeng Xyyong, who has worked as a counselor in China’s Embassy in Delhi, has written in one of his articles that the snow in the bilateral relations got mixed with the meeting between China’s ambassador Li Lianqing and Rajiv in India in 1987. Subsequently, in 1988, Rajiv Gandhi went on a visit to China, after which there had been significant progress in the relations between the two countries. He wrote that this was the first Chinese tour of any Indian Prime Minister in 34 years.

In an article which rarely discloses about the meetings of Rajiv Gandhi’s China visit and China’s top leaders, including Deng Xiaoping, said that Rajiv, as a leader of the new generation, through economic reforms Wanted to uplift India. This article is part of a book ‘Stories of China and India’. This article was circulated to the media before the Congress on October 18 of the ruling Communist Party of China (CPC).



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