PM Narendra Modi and Donald Trump shared table in ASEAN Summit

PM Narendra Modi and Trump shaking hands during ASEAN Summit

PM Narendra Modi is currently in the Philippines to represent the nation. Today he met American President Donald Trump and shared remarks with each other. Both the leaders were spotted quite frank with each other. This indicated a strong bond between the politicians of the two nations. Trump praised India for his speech during the meeting. Narendra Modi thanked Trump for the same. This is the second time when these two leaders met each-other at a public conference. Earlier they met during G-20 summit held in Germany. Prime Minister Modi had a conversation with Trump on phone earlier previous month.

Trump and PM Narendra Modi friendship hitting new records

US President Donald Trump called Modi an essential ally and a great friend. He also praised him for his policies regarding relations with America. “Indian PM Narendra Modi is today here with me. We have already met in the White House too” Donald said. “He (Namo) and me, we have become good friends and the Indian Prime Minister is doing great work in his nation” He added. Donald Trump emphasized on how India and US came together to resolve many issues in the world. Trump said that he is very happy as he is receiving positive reports from India.

Security and Tread were the major concerns

PM Narendra Modi and President Donald Trump had an interaction on various topics. This included issues like terrorism, Financial progress etc. Although, the issues of mutual trade and security dominated the conversation. Modi reminded Media of Trump’s latest visits to various nations. He thanked president Trump for talking positive and being hopeful about India. Modi said that the two nations India and America are working together for peace in Asia and the remaining world too. “We have risen above our personal benefits and are working together on various projects for world peace” Modi stated in his speech.

Trump praised Modi many times in past few days

The last time these two leaders shared a stage was when they met during G20 summit held in Germany. At that time PM Narendra Modi invited Trump’s daughter Ivanka Trump to India. The daughter of President Trump will visit India between 28 November and 30 November during Global Entrepreneurship Summit. Donald Trump is currently on foreign trips. He recently visited China where he praised Narendra Modi for his skills and leadership quality. “The way in which Indian economy moved forward, is really great. PM Narendra Modi had succeeded in bringing together more than 1 Arab Indians.”

India China Conflict is clear in the world

The leaders also shared views on increasing Chinese domination in Indo-Pacific water territory. Representatives of Australia, US, Japan, and India shared a table in a meeting during ASEAN Summit. Experts believe that the 4 nations discussed the Chinese domination in the aqua territory. This area is a part of Indo-Pacific region. China has been conducting many activities in this area. This is surely a topic of concern for all the above mention parties.

During the ASEAN summit, many other leaders are expected to meet PM Narendra Modi. Let us now see who all will get his attention.



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