Pakistan Strongly opposes sale of US drones to India


Islamabad: Pakistan has strongly opposed the sale of drone missile systems to India by the US. Pakistan says that this move by the United States of America can un-balance in the region. Pakistani Foreign Ministry spokesman M. Nafees Zakaria said, “International forces should show responsibility before signing such agreements.” Zakaria said that Pakistan and US want strongness in relationships but it should be based on a better understanding of each other’s concerns.

Zakaria said that bilateral and regional issues were discussed between him and the Pakistani Prime Minister during the visit of the US Secretary of State to Pakistan. Earlier reports had come that the Trump Administration is considering India’s request for armed drones for its air force. A senior US official told this information. Asked about India’s pending request for purchase of armed drones under the campaign for modernization of armed forces, the administration official gave a positive reply.

The IAF believes that armed defense will enhance its defense capabilities. Earlier this year, the Indian Air Force had requested the United States government for a General Atomix Predator Sea Avenger aircraft. It is believed that the IAF needs 80 to 100 units. For this reason, it will be an $ 8 billion deal. After the meeting of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and US President Donald Trump on June 26 in the White House, the Trump Administration is considering this.



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