Pakistan Says India is a mother of Terrorism after Sushma Swaraj UN Speech


United Nations: Pakistan on Sunday said that if the international community does not want to create an alarming situation with India, then it should call New Delhi to stop its provocative and aggressive caravans. Pakistan’s ambassador to the United Nations, Maleeha Lodhi, termed India as “the mother of terrorism” in South Asia, alleging that New Delhi is sponsoring terrorism in many parts of Pakistan. Replying to the address by the External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj during the session of the United Nations General Assembly, Maleeha Lodhi alleged, “In his sarcastic remarks, Sushma has ignored the main issue of Kashmir.”

Sushma had targeted Pakistan to create terrorist organizations like Lashkar-e-Taiba, Jaish-e-Mohammed, Hizbul Mujahideen, and Haqqani network. The External Affairs Minister did not mention Kashmir. Maleeha Lodhi said, “If the international community wants to avoid a dangerous stalemate between India and Pakistan, then it should make India aware that it will stop provocating and aggressive actions. He should stop the ceasefire violation on the Line of Control. It should stop sponsoring terror groups against Pakistan. “Generally, the response to the address in the General Assembly is given by the lower level officials of Foreign Service, but it is very important that the top diplomat of Pakistan responded against India.

India has not responded yet

India has not used the right to answer at this time. Pakistan, for the second time, alleged that National Security Adviser Ajit Doval was interfering in Balochistan. Maleeha Lodhi said that if the concerned parties fail to resolve the dispute, then the United Nations and the international community have not only its right, but it is their commitment that they interfere and help in resolving the dispute. He said, ‘the time for the UN Security Council resolutions does not end. There is no deadline to end the law. There is no end date for ethics sold. India cannot run away from its legal and ethical responsibility to comply with the recommendations of the Security Council. ‘

Pakistan also attacked Ajit Doval

Referring to Sushma’s remarks on terrorism and emphasizing the need to define it, Miliha said that the United Nations should define terrorism. He alleged, “In the definition of terrorism, we should also include government-sponsored terrorism. The Indian National Security Advisor, who invites the government-sponsored terrorism, is sponsoring India’s intelligence agencies in Balochistan province of Pakistan and it calls it a double pressure strategy. “He said that the largest democracy is the world’s largest hypocrisy and It is administered by fascist ideology. Maleeha Lodhi alleged that Sushma criticized Pakistan’s Qaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah in his address.

Something like this on Kashmir and Jinnah

He said that Pakistan is ready to discuss the issues of restoring overall dialogue with India and steps to maintain peace and security especially to resolve all issues of India, particularly Jammu and Kashmir. The Pakistani ambassador said, “But the talks should be done with India’s end to the campaign of destructive activities and the elimination of government-sponsored terrorism.” Foreign policy on the foundation of peace and friendship from Pakistan’s founder Muhammad Ali Jinnah On the claim of Shahid Khakon Abbasi to go, Sushma said that she does not know what Jinnah had advocated for the principles, but The straw can surely say that Prime Minister Narendra Modi extended his hand to peace and friendship after assuming office. He said, “The Prime Minister of Pakistan should answer that why your country has rejected this proposal.”

Sushma had reminded Abbasi that when he reached Islamabad for the Heart of Asia Conference on December 9, 2015, then Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif had decided that India and Pakistan should restore the dialogue and give it the overall bilateral talks.



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