Pakistan rakes up kashmir at United Nation but India ignores


United Nations: Pakistan once again in the meeting of the United Nations General Assembly, once again without any reason the Kashmir rage was ignored, but India ignored it as a disruption for the agenda of the meeting. In the United States, the permanent representative of Pakistan, Maleeha Lodhi, raised the issue of Kashmir in a part of his speech while discussing colonialism in the meeting. In the lasting mission of India, Minister Shrinivas Prasad said in his speech, “We reject the issue of Pakistani delegation here, which has never been on the agenda of the committee.”

Prasad said, “We consider it to be a distraction from the agenda and this distraction is not reactive.” Kashmir has never been considered by the United Nations as a colonization or non-self-governance sector. Lodhi said that the United Nations colonialism agenda is ‘incomplete’ without resolving the Kashmir problem. In Pakistan, Syama Sayed, Counselor of Pakistan, after the speech of Prasad, raised the right to reply to Pakistan (Right to Replay), again raising the Kashmir issue and citing the UN resolution on Kashmir in 1948. India did not use the right to answer Syed’s statement.

This month, Lodi has raised Kashmir issue for the second time in the United States. During a discussion on the annual report of the United Nations, Lodhi had said in the General Assembly last week that surgical strikes had never happened to kill the terrorists by entering India and had said that New Delhi was provoking their country by saying this. is. In the response to Lodhi’s speech in the General Assembly last month in the General Assembly of India, in response to Sushma Swaraj’s speech, a Palestinian girl was seen to be confronted by Kashmiri.



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