Pakistan is Sponsoring Terrorists, Saba Qamar Cries During Show

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Saba Qamar in a television chat show revealed her experience in a foreign airport, where she felt humiliated after she went through intense security checks only because she is from Pakistan. She mentioned how her Indian Crew was allowed to pass easily at the airport while she was being checked thoroughly at the airport.

Sabah Alam tweeted that this incident is not one particular incident because everyone feels humiliated once they visit abroad because the tag of terrorist state involved with Pakistan. Recently in an Another Interview, Pakistani prime minister shahid khaqan abbasi mentioned that there is no any case against the Hafiz Saeed.

He even referred him as “Sahib”. The global terrorist roams freely in the streets of Pakistan and is involved in so many terrorist cases. Recently, he also launched his party in Pakistan to fight an election. People and Many celebrities and politicians in Pakistan have been raising voice against the global terrorist and Pakistan involvement in it.

The recent tweet of US president Donald Trump called Pakistan liar and stopped its US aid since it did nothing to stop terrorist in its country. The problem in the country is that they do not want to be part of global peace process.

Sabah Qamar has also acted in an Indian Movie Hindi Medium, which was a hit movie in India. She is also a top actress in Pakistan. If the people like SabahQamarr feels this way, we cannot say about others. The tweet of Sabah alarm has garnered a positive response from the international community on the social media page.

The statement made by the prime minister of Pakistan is destroying his credibility and of his country. Their false promises of acting against terrorist and terror become wide open when statements like these are made on the national television. He added that in Pakistan there is no any case against Hafiz Saeed, hence he cannot be tried in the court. When asked about the response on India calling Hafiz Saeed a mastermind of the 26/11 Mumbai Bomb blast, he could speak only these words, which were enough to prove his exact purpose.

The State Of Pakistan

Donald Trump rightly said that time has come to corner Pakistan on the international stage and brand it as a terrorist state, sponsoring terror in his country to destabilize other countries. All funds and aids must be stopped by the international community. When asked about what she would appeal to the people in Pakistan, she said she could not decide whom she would like to appeal.

The recent ordeal by the actress is a proof that its own people are not safe in the country. They live in the constant fear of being killed. A recent rape and murder of a girl in the country have sparked outrage and uproar, which led to the international embarrassment to the country. People protested in the streets demanding justice against the crime committed to the girl. The state has become a collapsing state where no law and order exists in the country, it remains to be seen what the country does for its future.



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