North Korea Missile flies over Japan says Tokyo AFP


Soul: North Korea has tested a missile on Japan and after the new rhetoric imposed by the United Nations Security Survey. Ballistic missile passed over Japan and fell into the Pacific Ocean. About the test, Japan, and South Korea’s government have given information.

According to the South Korean army, the missile went up to an altitude of 770 km and it set about 3700 kilometers long.

Reuters reported on behalf of Japan’s NHK TV that this missile was released at 6.00am in the morning and it went through Japan’s Hokkaido at 7 in the last 6 minutes.

After the latest ban, North Korea’s missile test has come up. North Korea did this for the second time in a month when its missile came out for Japan.

Yong Moo Jin of the University of North Korean Studies in Seoul said to AFP, Umer Korea is indicating that we are not going to be launched before any restrictions and our warnings are not empty threats.

He said, he has taken the resolution that the United States will suffer pain and suffering in response to UN sanctions. After the firing of missiles, millions of Japanese people are sleeping with siren voices and emergency messages.

At the southern end of Hokkaido, information was being made on loudspeakers in Cape Erimo, missile launch, missile launch. It appears that Umer Korea has fired the missile.

Children’s shows or light-weight shows are usually broadcast in the morning shows on TV. But today these programs were advised to go to any building or underground floor.
Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said that Japan will not tolerate dangerous and provocative activities of Umer Korea which poses a threat to world peace.

Abe told reporters, if North Korea continues on this path continuously, then there will be no future for it. We have to explain this to North Korea. The government’s spokesman Yoshibed Suga also said that Tokyo has strongly opposed Pyongyang in its strongest words.

According to the report, the missile loomed over Japan for about two minutes but there was no immediate indication of any fall in the Japanese area.

A day before this launch, a U.R. Korean organization had warned him of supporting the United Nations sanctions and walking on America’s warnings on Japan.



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