New Proofs revealing Trump Russia Connections in American Presidential Elections

trump russia connections during american presidential elections 2016

American President Donald Trump seems to have tough days nowadays. The case of Russian support to Trump is in the court. New proofs revealing Trump Russia Connections in American Presidential Elections have been released by Facebook. These records came at a time when the case is already being supervised by American Senate. This might increase Trump’s problems to a big extent.

80,000 Facebook posts within 2 years

Facebook released latest Data regarding American Presidential Elections. The report says that within 2 years of time frame, Russia based accounts posted over 80,000 Fb Posts on the platform. These posts were seen by more than 12.6 crore Americans. The total population of America is around 32 crores. This means around 38% Americans were influenced by Russian views on American Presidential Elections. These articles were posted between June 2015 and August 2017. It is a time frame before and after the President Elections in America.

Kremlin influenced American Presidential Elections

The report reveals Kremlin’s support for Trump’s victory. Present American President Donald Trump is accused of taking Russian support (Trump Russia Connections) against Hilary Clinton. It was a tough fight between two competitors. Many leading agencies accused Donald Trump Election Campaign of taking aid from Russia to beat Hilary. The organization that posted 80,000 posts is connected to Kremlin. The actions were taken against the opposition of Facebook Community Program.

Around 1000 Videos Posted

The American stand against Russian theft in Presidential Elections is getting stronger. Big IT and digital media companies are revealing their records on this issue. Trump Russia Connections during these elections are already under American Senate radar. Any report about these statistics may hit Trump harder than he thought. Coming up in new “Trump Russia connections” news Google made another information public. Google informed that Russian Trolls posted over 1000 videos on 18 different channels related to American Presidential Elections. On the other hand, Twitter has suspended all 2752 suspicious accounts.

American Senate closing on Trump Russia connections

The issue of American President Donald Trump connections with Russian agencies during Presidential Elections is presently under American Senate’s watch. The Senate will hear the prosecution on how these popular websites affected American polls. If found guilty of charges, American President Donald Trump might lose his president post. In such a case, American President will be re-elected and Hilary Clinton might make a big comeback this time.

Trump Advisor lied about Trump Russia Connections

Election Campaign Advisor to Donald Trump, John Papadopoulos admitted that he lied about Trump Russia Connections. He made this statement during an investigation by FBI. He earlier informed media that the meeting with so-called Russian connections held before he joined Trump’s election campaign. This time in front of FBI, John admitted to his meeting during the American Presidential Elections campaign.



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