NASA tweeted the pictures of moon, on the fest of Guru Purnima


New York. The festival of Guru Purnima is being celebrated across the country on Sunday. This time it has also remembered by the American space agency NASA. On Saturday, NASA released the picture of the moon for its first time with its Twitter handle on Guru Purnima. He has told the moon on the day of Gurupurnima, by which names and names in the world, he has also told them. Among them, Gurupurnima is at the top.

– The names of the names of the Gurupurnima in the world are – Moon, Mead Moon, Ripe Corn Moon, Buck Moon and Thunder Moon.
– About the picture of the moon of Gurupurnima, who is posting NASA’s post-top trending on Twitter.
– This tweet of NASA is being liked by people all over the world including India. Apart from the 5 names given by NASA, they are telling different names of Gurupurnima.
People said – respect for India
– People say that it is a matter of honour for the countrymen, after all, our full moon is considered by NASA as a guru.
– NASA’s tweet was re-tweeted and liked by a large number of people.
– The names of the 5 names NASA has mentioned, especially in the North-East America and England, in July, farmers speak.
– They celebrate the arrival of the coming crop on this day. They dance night and day by singing and dancing.
– Buck Moon asks the young heroes to come to the horn and Thunder Moon enjoy the heat. It is also called O Moon.
What did people tweet?
– Very beautiful picture, call it by any name, we can never ignore it. Thank you for reminding you of NASA. -Alan Friedman
I will wait for midnight to see this beautiful sight, hopefully, there will be no clouds in the sky. -Anne
Thank you for such good information NASA, however, you’re the biggest master of space.



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