NASA first Female Commander returned Safely to Earth


Washington: First woman commander of the International Space Station and NASA astronaut Peggy Whitson has safely landed on earth with members of her crew. This information about Peggy has broken many records related to space today by NASA. With the return of Whitson, his 288-day mission has ended. This mission started in November last year. Under this, a distance of 12.22 crores was fixed and 4623 rounds of earth were planted. This was his third long term mission at the center.

Whitson made four spacewalks in his recent mission At the same time, the total spacewalk of his career increased to 10. He has spent 665 days in space. Whitson’s name has many American records. His crew member Jack Fischer (NASA) went into space in April. He spent 136 days in space. During this time he made his career debut and the second spacewalk.

This mission safely descended into the remote city of Kazakhstan. The oldest female astronaut in the space exploration is also named after 57-year-old Whitson. He said, “I do not know what has written for me in the future, but I want to keep watching while working on space flight programs.



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