Maldives President Warns India Against Interfering in Its Internal Affairs

Maldives President Warns India Against Interfering in Its Internal Affairs

The Maldives has warned India against any such action, which threatens to disrupt the political crisis in the country. The Maldives has made this statement amidst concern over the increase in the period of emergency in India by the Maldives.

The Maldives Foreign Ministry said in a statement on Thursday night that the government of President Abdulla Yameen has taken note of the public statements issued by the Indian government, in which “facts and reality are ignored” regarding the current political developments of the Maldives.

The Ministry told that India has said the facts have to be broken down and that the 30 days increase in the period of emergency is unconstitutional. He said that India has ignored the constitution and law of the Maldives in its statement. The Ministry of External Affairs said, “There is no doubt that the Maldives is passing through one of the toughest touches in its history.

Therefore, it is important that friends and partners in the international community, including India, stay away from any such action, which hinders the resolve of the situation in front of the country. The Maldives Government repeats its commitment to work closely together with the international community, including India so that their concerns can be overcome.

While expressing dissatisfaction over the extension of the period of emergency in the Maldives, India had said on Thursday that it does not see any substantial reason for the Parliament of the Maldives and it is keeping an eye on the situation of this island nation.

On accepting President Abdulla Yameen’s recommendation by the Parliament to extend the term of the emergency in the Maldives 30 days, India declared ‘deep disappointment’ and termed it ‘a matter of concern’. On Tuesday, the Maldivian parliament had extended the period of emergency in the country for 30 days, making President Yameen’s hold stronger on the power of the country.



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