Kashmir Issue should be resolved bilaterally by India and Pakistan Says china


Beijing: China has rejected the invitation of the Islamic Cooperation Organization (OIC) to implement the UN resolution on Kashmir issue. Giving a strong blow to Pakistan, China on Friday said that India and Pakistan should resolve Kashmir issue through dialogue. While referring to the Kashmir issue as a bilateral issue, China refused to intervene in any way. When asked about the OIC’s contact group’s implementation of the UN resolution on Kashmir, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang said that India and Pakistan should resolve this issue.

Lu said in response to a question, “China has taken note of the related report. China’s stand on Kashmir issue is quite clear. “Kang said that China hopes that India and Pakistan can increase communication and deal with relevant issues in a proper way. He said that India and Pakistan can jointly protect regional peace and stability. Let us know that OIC is a group of Islamic countries in which there are 57 members including Pakistan. This organization passes the resolution on Kashmir frequently and invokes the UN resolution.

Two days ago, a meeting of the OIC’s contact group was held in the United Nations General Assembly. China responded at such a time when Pakistan’s Prime Minister Shahid Khakon Abbasi demanded that the United Nations Security Council’s proposal on Kashmir be implemented. He also appealed to the United Nations to appoint a special envoy in Kashmir.




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