India Wary As China Takes Up Doklam Issue With Nepal


New Delhi: Now China is probably trying to make diplomatic pressure, seeing the threats of war on Indian soldiers lying in the dock. In this order, the New Delhi position, the Chinese diplomats have told Nepali officials about their position on this issue. Discussing this dispute with China in Nepal is very important for two reasons. The first thing is that India shares a triangulation with China and Nepal in a disputed area. Secondly, for the last few days, India is struggling to make an impact on its neighboring Nepal.

Diplomatic sources told that the Chinese Deputy Chief of Mission talked about their Nepali counterpart on the issue of Doklam. The Chinese officer apprised the newly appointed Nepali official about the stand of China. However, this meeting was called courtesy. Similar meetings were held in Kathmandu and Beijing in China and Nepalese officials.

India has not told publicly that it has given information of its stand on other issues to the other. However, a few weeks ago the issue was discussed with American diplomats. Nepal has not sought any information from the Indian authorities till date. However, the intellectual classes of Nepal believe that the long-standing dispute between India, China and Bhutan is not in their interest.

Indeed, Nepal shares two trigons with China and India. One is in West Nepal’s Lipukhal and the other is located in the eastern part of Jansing Chuli. In the past, Nepal has been concerned about the script. It falls in the disputed Blackayan area, on which both India and Nepal have been claiming. In 2015, PM Narendra Modi decided to increase trade with China through Lipukhal pass. Nepal was quite upset with this move. In his Parliament, there was a demand that the mention of the script should be removed in the Joint Statement of India and China as it is against international rules. The Nepalese Parliament also wanted to know whether the agreement between India and China, whether sovereignty or regional integrity of Nepal had diminished?

Incidentally, big leaders of India and China will tour this month in Nepal. External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj will go to BIMSTEC next week to attend the meeting. At the same time, the Deputy Prime Minister of China will also be in Nepal on August 14 to meet top leaders. It is expected that the issues related to the debate between Sushma and the Chinese Deputy Prime Minister will be discussed. Indian officials know that there is a big anti-India section in Nepal. Officials know that former PM KP Sharma Oli supporter can present India as an intruder on the issue of the issue. The sight of the Chinese Deputy Prime Minister will also be observed because the way ahead of Nepal’s decision to join China’s One Welt One Road (OBOR) project may be set. Despite opposition from India, Nepal agreed to join the OBOR.



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