Hollow threat of Chinese media, said – China could enter Kashmir from Pakistan


Beijing: An analyst from the Chinese Idea Group said on Sunday that just as the Bhutan government stopped the Chinese army from constructing a road in Dokalam area of Sikkim sector, using the same logic, on Kashmir’s request, “third country army can enter” The country’s army can penetrate. Long Jingchun, director of Indian Studies Center at China West Normal University, has said in his article written in the Global Times: “If India also requests to save Bhutan, then it can be up to its established area, Not from the disputed area. ‘ The article says, “Otherwise, if the Pakistan government requests by the logic of India, then the third country’s army can enter the disputed area between India and Pakistan, including India-controlled Kashmir.”

China’s government media has published several articles criticizing India over the scandal, but for the first time, Pakistan and Kashmir have been brought in the context. Referring to the statement issued by India’s foreign ministry on June 30, it said, “Indian soldiers entered the Dokalam area of China in the name of Bhutan’s help, but the purpose of infiltration was to help India using Bhutan. To do.

It has been said in the article, “For a long time, India has been talking about non-interference in international equality and others’ internal affairs, but in South Asia, it has violated the UN Declaration by adopting supremacy diplomacy, and in international relations Has ignored the basic principles. ‘ It has been alleged, “In Sikkim, after the immigration of the people, Sikkim Parliament was finally controlled and India grabbed it and made one of its states.” The article says, “Intrusion shows that India fears that China can segregate the main India from Northeast India and split it twice.”

According to the article, “In this case, North East India can use the opportunity to be free. India has given the geopolitical motives against India to build the infrastructure of China in Tibet. India is unable to do so in its Northeast, so it is trying to stop China from building the road. ” It has been said in the article, “Intrusion on the basis of India’s own strategic view is a clear violation of international laws.” It has been claimed that the Western countries will not support India unconditionally because they have a ‘common interest’ on various issues with China. It said, “Under the regional dispute between China and Bhutan, it should be resolved by both sides and India should respect Bhutan’s sovereignty.”



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