Hafiz Saeed Threatened By BAN Says Pakistan Action will not Be Tolerated

Hafiz Saeed Threatened By BAN Says Pakistan Action will not Be Tolerated

The mastermind of the Mumbai attack, Hafiz Saeed, has been shocked after his organizations have been banned in Pakistan. He has threatened Pakistan and has said that he will not tolerate this action of the Pakistan government.

Hafiz Saeed has released a new video in which he appears to be cursing Pakistan. In the video, he said that even if Pakistan surrenders to America, He will not Move Down.

In the video, Hafiz said, You Have Read in the Newspaper that Pakistan government is calling you to close madrassa school and Handle them to the Government But If you will Close One School Then Allah is Here to Guide us Many Ways.

They say that such a great work is happening … you are silent..Not in the newspaper, there is no statement I understand what is happening against us, why is it that all of them wants to criticise Pakistan and we do not want the Restriction should be applied on the country with Our Name. We can not tolerate this.

Pakistan had banned the LeT in 2002, but after leaving Saeed’s group and establishing Jamaat-ud-Dawa, he is under the supervision of the government and the ban on it has been lifted. Saeed was interned in his home in Pakistan, but he became free last year.



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