Germany: Angela Merkel’s big victory, the opportunity to get the country’s command for the fourth time


Chancellor Angela Merkel has won a major victory in the general elections held in Germany on Sunday. Angela Merkel has got the chance to take charge of the country for the fourth time. Angela acknowledged that 40% of the vote could not be achieved. In this election, the right-wing Nationalist Alternatives for Germany made the biggest turnaround. The right-wing nationalist, Anti-Islam Alternative for Germany (AFD) party can get seats in Parliament for the first time. The party has so far seats in regional administration, but its popularity has increased during a campaign focused on immigration issues.

Other important contenders included Die Linke (left), Greens and Free Democrats. The BBC said that the polling booths opened at eight in the morning and closed till 6 pm. Shortly after the completion of the voting process, the first exit poll was held.

In the federal election, 6.15 million people over 18 years of age voted. The election takes place every four years. Two separate votes are cast in the voting process. One is for the candidate of his constituency and one is for his political party.

This election was very important, because after the Second World War, for the first time in Bundestag, the results of the claim of six parties were met. These results can change the pattern of the current coalition government.



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