G20 Summit Europe: Trump walks up to PM Modi for talk


Hamburg: Between the leaders of the G20 countries, the US President Donald Trump has come here to talk to Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the middle of the summit talks on the second day.

From the summit on behalf of India, Arvind Panagariya tweeted about dialogue with the pictures of both the leaders and others. This dialogue occurred before the beginning of the second day of the G20 Summit. The G20 summit ends today.

Panagariya wrote in his tweet, during a dialogue at the G20 summit, the US President shook hands towards the Prime Minister and came to him. Other leaders gathered there Beautiful laughs He told the dialogue some memorable moments right before the start of the second day of the G20 Summit.

Pangriya is also the Vice President of Government Think Tank Policy Commission. He is representing India in the negotiations for leaders’ manifesto. In addition to bilateral talks, the brief summit was held with various leaders at Modi Summit. It includes IMF chief Christine Lagarde and German Chancellor Angela Merkel.



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