Five Injured in Edmonton Terror Incident


Edmonton: In a possible terrorist attack in Canada, a policeman was stabbed after being hit by a car. The police got the flag of the Islamic State from inside the van. Apart from this, a van in another incident crushed the pedestrians a few hours later. Four people were injured in this incident. The man who attacked with the help of van has been taken into custody. The terrorist attack of police attack is also being investigated. The condition of the injured policeman is being told out of danger.

According to the reports, a policeman hit a policeman near the Commonwealth Stadium in Edmonton and a person in the car attacked with a knife several times. It is being told that after the collision, the policeman rushed up to about 15 feet and landed on the ground. After this, the attacker landed from the car and attacked the policeman with a knife. Edmonton police chief told that the 30-year-old suspect has been taken into custody. This person is a resident of Edmonton. At the time of the attack, the Canadian Football League was at the stadium.

It was only a matter of time that a van driver deliberately put his car on pedestrians. Actually, the police had stopped this van for security checks, after which the van driver took him towards the city. Police followed the car. During this time, the van driver crushed pedestrians. According to the police, the Edmonton Police Chief said that both of these incidents were linked to each other.



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