Donald Trump Says Presidential Residence White House Is A Real Dump


Washington: Former US President Bill Clinton believed that the White House was ‘America’s Best Public Housing’. Clinton said that the White House is actually an unsurpassed gem of the Taj crowned on the head of the American justice system. The current president, Donald Trump, considers the White House as a ‘garbage pile’, totally different from these views of Clinton. According to Trump, the White House is a worthless thing.

There is a lot of objections being raised by Trump giving this adjective to White House. After this statement of Trumpet, once again the debate has arisen whether he also respects the post of President or not. Some people say that Trump has accidentally become president. Golf Magazine has given this information in its special issue this week. According to the magazine, Trump recently said this while playing golf at his club in New Jersey. Trump said in front of the other members of the club, “I’m here Badminster so much so that the White House is actually a worthless thing.”

The White House has not given any clarification or response even after a dispute arises on this statement of Trump. It is not clear what Trump said to the White House, whether he said seriously or else he simply spoke and said it. Earlier, the White House had to be cleared after a dispute arose on several statements of Trump. Yeh House has said many times that such statements given by Trump have been said in a fun way and should not be taken seriously.

In the early days of his work, Trump has often praised the beauty of White House. He once praised the telephone sets placed in the White House, saying that he never saw a more beautiful phone than that. Trump had said during an interview, ‘This is a very beautiful building. A gorgeous house Things look more special when you realize that Abraham Lincoln also used to sleep here. ‘ Since becoming a President, only weeks have passed since Trump is staying in White House. Most of the time, they go to Florida or New Jersey. According to statistics, Trump has spent 58 days out of White House for 193 days as President.



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