Donald Trump says Pakistan has been safe Haven for terrorist


Once the US has given a message to Pakistan to take strong measures while attacking Pakistan. US President Donald Trump also gave assurances to help Afghanistan, along with strengthening relations with India. Due to the growing friendship between India and America, the problems of Pakistan and China have increased substantially. (Sheikh Hasina criticized the judge for comparing Bangladesh with Pak)

Recently, Trump has strongly condemned Pakistan and said Pakistan has become a safe haven for terrorists. While giving a strong message to Pakistan, Trump said, “The people of Pakistan themselves are suffering from the problem of terrorism but on the other hand Pakistan remains a safe paradise for terrorists.” Now the time has come that Pakistan should fulfill its commitment to fighting terrorism. ”

Trump clarified his policy on Afghanistan and said, “We will help India as much as possible.” India and the United States have a business relationship with billions of dollars. Now we want them to help us in Afghanistan. ”



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