Coca-cola launched world’s first alcoholic drink in Japan

coca-cola japan

Coca-cola launched world’s first alcoholic drink in Japan on Monday. It is a fizzy, lemon-flavoured concoction full of spirits that seek to capitalise on growing demands of “chuhai” alcopops. Chuhai is a drink which contains vodka or a distilled,grain-based which is widely known as “shochu” came in a range of flavours such as grape, strawberry, kiwi and white peach.

Chuhai alcopops are usually enjoyed by young women. Even though the Us firms partially took part in this business in the year 1970s. They first experimented with the sample in Japan.

From today morning, around three “Lemon-Do” drinks which contain three, six and seven percent of alcohol will be available in the southern area of Kyushu of Japan.

The total project of 350-millilitre cost around $1.40 USD which is 150 yen in Japan’s currency.

Masaki lida, spokesman for Coca-cola unit of Japan told that “this is a pilot project in the region which has a sizeable market.” He did not mention the exact quantity of spirit in the drink. This is because the recipe is totally guarded secret.

The developers of Coca-cola first got the idea after going to the Japanese-style “izakaya” pub. This was the place where they found that particular lemon-flavoured drinks which are very demanding according to the local website.

They depend on the range in strength from between nine to three percent and these are specifically popular among all the local youngsters, focussing on women.

Coca-cola has already captured into a competitive market, in which renowned Japanese companies such as Kirin, Asai and Suntory captured the berths.

The company’s Japanese unit’s president has already demotivated himself. He said that there are no hopes and plans to launch “Lemon Do” outside of Japan.

And hence the action has been seen as a part of the border campaign to spread the product beyond sodas as health concerns see consumers in the United States and various other developed countries weaning themselves off diet colas and sweet drinks.



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