Chinese President Warns Trump To Tone Down Language After ‘Fire And Fury’ Threats To North Korea


Peiching: Pyongyang’s ‘friend’ China has been opposed by US President Donald Trump’s North Korean war threat. China has urged Trump to avoid such statements which prevent tension on the Korean Peninsula. Trump once again tweeted on North Korea’s threatening version that America has completed preparations for finding a military solution to the North Korea issue. Hope North Korea’s dictator Kim Jong finds out some other ways. Earlier, Trump had said in another tweet that if North Korea does not stop threatening to attack the Missile on the US, then there will be an attack that the world has never seen.

On the phone conversation between Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping, both the leaders agreed that the practice of provoking North Korea should be stopped. White House issued a statement saying that the US wants to end nuclear weapons in the Korean Peninsula. The statement said that there are close relations between Trump and Jinping and hope that North Korea will solve the problem peacefully.

Chinese Foreign Ministry reported that Jinping told Trump that North Korea’s nuclear problem should be resolved peacefully in a peaceful way. Jinping said to Trump, “Both sides should avoid rhetoric on this issue. Such statements should be avoided so that tensions in the Korean peninsula increased.

This strong reaction from Trump came after the news, which is being said that North Korea has developed a warhead that can fit on an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM). It is known that the warhead missile is a fighter. It is designed for nuclear attacks. In a press conference at his home in Badminster, New Jersey, Trump warned North Korea’s ruler Kim Jong, saying, “Better not to threaten America.” Trump had said, “If North Korea continues its activities, then we will respond with this enthusiasm that no power will be seen before in the world.”



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