Chinese media released a new video on Doklam controversy Know What they Said


Beijing: Chinese news agency Xinhua has released a new video on the Doklam controversy. Earlier, in a propaganda video released on Doklam, a Chinese anchor made fun of India about the Doklam controversy. Although in this video, Xinhua has talked about maintaining peace from India. The video also mentions the historical cultures and relationships of India and China.

In this new video, Chinese anchor is saying, “For more than two months, the tension has increased between India and China, with Dong Long (Chinese name of Dokalam).” It has been said in the video that on 18th June, Indian Army 2 entered the Chinese territory on the Sikkim Sector along with bulldozers and weapons. The anchor said, ‘After this, India stopped China from making the road, thereby creating a standoff between the two countries.

The video further said, ‘This border dispute shows the reduction of strategic trust from India. This move can bring starkness in a strategic perspective, which could harm India’s interests. In this video citing the ancient civilizations of India and China, it has been said that China and India are the world’s two oldest civilizations. The cultures of these two countries are fantastic Both of these countries are not born anywhere to compete. These two countries have been associated with ancient times. ‘

The video says that “Therefore, India should immediately withdraw its forces immediately from the Chinese border without any condition and should be cautious of any wrong decisions that occur in the future. Both countries will be together if only 270 million of them will benefit. The hostile rivalry between these two countries can be dangerous. ‘ It has been said in the video that there must be confidence among each other because there is a lot of place for living with China’s dragon and the Indian elephant in Asia.



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