China makes a disrespect of national anthem a crime with 15 days Jail

China makes a disrespect of national anthem a crime with 15 days Jail

Beijing: Now in China, for the disrespect of the national anthem from October, there will now be a 15-day prison sentence. The Chinese Parliament passed a strict law against misuse of it. This new law will also apply to Macau and Hong Kong. Since becoming President, Xi Jinping has tried to keep the country safe from all kinds of external and internal threats, including discontent arising from time to time in the country. This order is being seen as an attempt to restrain recent demonstrations in Hong Kong.

According to the reports, China’s national anthem ‘March of the Volunteers’ will now only be allowed to use it in formal political assemblies, including the opening and termination of the National People’s Congress session. Apart from this, the national anthem can be used only in other major official programs, including diplomatic opportunities. At the same time, it will be illegal to use as a playback on funerals, inappropriate personal occasions, commercial advertisements or public places.

This law will be applicable from October 1. Those who violate it will have to spend 15 days in jail. For people participating in public events, it is compulsory for the singing of the song and singing it together when the National Anthem is played. Earlier, there was a provision of 15 days of imprisonment for the national flag of China and the disrespect of its national symbol. This legislation was implemented in the 1990s.



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