China eyes on Brahmaputra water, India needs to do more than regular politics

China eyes on Brahmaputra water, India needs to do more than regular politics

Since the war with China, India and China do not see each other eye to eye. Being a neighbour, 2 nations must keep friendly relations. Yet, China manages to bring up an issue every now and then. The latest report by one of Chinese news channel reveals that China is now building a 1000 km long tunnel to divert the river Brahmaputra water. In this latest event, Indian government needs to take serious actions apart regular politics of notifying objection.

Chinese diplomats play smarter game and India being a peaceful nation always keep ignoring it. Earlier China denied from making any military progress in South China Sea and yet continued to do so. There are many such examples including Doklam issue and Arunachal Border issue where China showed difference in its words and its works.

1000 Km long tunnel for diverting Brahmaputra water

Coming up on latest plot by China, Dragon is now building a 1000 KM long tunnel on India – China border to divert the Brahmaputra water entering Arunachal Pradesh. China is planning to take that water to its deserted part “Xinjiang”. This is not the first time when China tried to play dirty tricks with mutually shared natural resources. The Xinjiang region is mostly a desert. China plans to divert water from Brahmaputra river and convert the area in green zone.

Details of the project

If China succeeds in this project of Brahmaputra water theft, it will be the longest tunnel in the world. According to a report, Chinese engineers have already started working on layouts and suitable technology for this project. Here are few key features about this project:

  • 1000 km long proposed water tunnel
  • 3 huge dams to be constructed along the way
  • 10 years projected time period for the project
  • Estimated cost of 9.76 Lac Crores Rupees
  • More than 100 engineers already working on the project

Effects on Indian citizens

This project of China will not affect Indian citizens in a good manner. It will create a disastrous situation in the river bank areas. The areas adjacent to Brahmaputra water will either experience floods or famine climate. It will completely destroy the ecosystem in the region. As reports say, 3 dams are to be constructed in that project. These dams could be a reason for natural disaster in India. A similar dam crashed in Tibetan reason in the year of 2001, causing 140 Crore Rupees worth loss in Arunachal Pradesh.

Regular Politics is not enough

Indian habit of following standard procedure is not enough for this issue. Indian political leaders need to do more than just regular politics in this Brahmaputra water case. China is a smart neighbor and keeps denying from the facts that are clearly visible to everyone, just what Pakistan does on Terror issue. India needs to put this issue on international grounds and manage to stop this project immediately.



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