China Claims Success at Doklam and South China Sea, Does It Matter ?


China is claiming its diplomatic skills too hot for other Countries to handle. While at the end of the year, it mentioned that Doklam standoff and South China sea are a major diplomatic success. The US was involved in the South China sea while India was involved in the Doklam issue.

Asia has been the center of the world politics for many decades. A large group of countries has a deep interest in the region. While the Chinese media has been heavily censored and monitored by the state functionaries, the relation between China and India has been steadily improving, and Doklam standoff solution is a fine example of the level of the relationship.

The Year For China and India

China managing its influence over other countries, such as Taiwan and Pakistan planned its project of ONE BELT ONE ROAD. The Doklam issue became a concern for India when it found about the road construction by People’s liberation army in the area controlled by China but claimed by Bhutan.

Indian Troops halted the road construction claiming it would lead to a difficult situation for India. Later the issue was resolved between both the countries pulling back their troops, and China stopped its road construction. Both the nations have been very cordial about it. After the resolution between both the countries in a meeting, they concluded to participate in the bilateral development which benefits both the countries.

The recent remark by the Chinese Defence Spokesperson Col Ren highlights the mutual cooperation between both the nations while also places a sincere concern regarding any such misadventures between nations. He mentions that Indian should control border troops and maintain strategic development across the border.

The Neighbours of China

The other dispute which China thinks has been solved amicably is south china sea which is a disputed area involving many sovereign nations, such as Public Republic of China, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam. It is considered international water where 5 trillion dollars global trade is conducted.

The USA has conducted freedom of navigation operation, which it claims help promotes the freedom of south china sea. The Republic of China does not even recognise the ruling made against it on the maritime claims by United Nation conventions on the law of the sea. The Indian Naval Ship had also a minor confrontation with China along the Waters of South China Sea when INS Aihraavt was on a friendly visit to Myanmar.

The Public Republic of China has time and again proved its intentions clear that it does not believe in any treaty or whatsoever. Whatever seems appropriate and suitable for the development of the Chinese is deemed fit and fine. The South China Sea is estimated to be the rich reserve of oil and Natural Gas deposits which makes it one of the most contention sea area of the world. We hope to see the better relationship among nations across the border, and state which brings peace and harmony to the entire world. But, it remains to be seen that do all the neighbours agree to it?



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