China claims: Indian troops pulled back from Doklam not ours

China Claims

Beijing: While not giving India’s declaration of mutual consent to remove the soldiers from Doklam, China claimed on Monday that its jawans are still patrolling the area. On behalf of the neighboring country, it was said that India called back its troops on Monday. Although China remained silent on its plans to build a road in the area. Due to his plan to build the road, there was a situation of circumambulation between the two countries’ forces in the Dokalam area near Sikkim. China said that it will reconcile with the ground situation.

India’s statement regarding the mutual consent to remove the soldiers, after being viral between social media and Chinese journalists, Hua chunying, spokesman of the foreign country’s foreign ministry, tried to dismiss such a notion that Beijing should respect its mistake have taken. He emphasized that India has called back its jawans. Hua said that in the afternoon of 28 August, India called back all the troops, infiltrators and resources back to India on the border. Cutting questions about India’s announcement of the agreement to recall the soldiers, he said, “The Chinese troops deployed on the spot have confirmed this. The Chinese side will maintain its sovereignty in accordance with historical agreements, will maintain regional integrity.

China’s Foreign Ministry spokesman said that China is constantly patrolling in Dokalm region. He did not even answer these questions whether there was any mutual agreement between the two countries to resolve the stalemate. However, repeatedly asked when asked, “I can tell you that China will reconcile with ground situation.” They did not give much detail. Whether China would push its own plans for road construction in Dokalm, this question remained completely silent. This was the main reason for the stalemate between the two countries. India wanted that the status quo be restored before the return of its troops. Bhutan, a neighbor who claimed sovereignty over the area, had filed a diplomatic protest with China on June 28.

There was a situation of deadlock between China and India on June 16. Then the soldiers of India had stopped the Chinese army from making roads in the disputed area. This event happened before the BRICS conference to be held from September 3 to 5, which will be held in China’s Xiamen. So far no leader of this group of 5 countries, including Prime Minister Narendra Modi and President Vladimir Putin, has not announced his visit to China.



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