China Chides Japan for supporting India on Doklam dispute


Beijing: China on Friday reprimanded Japan, saying that it came from the “unreasonable” rhetoric over the China-India border dispute, saying rhetoric. If he wants to support India on this issue, in such a situation he also avoids such unrestrained rhetoric. Japan has supported India on the Doklam controversy. Japan’s Ambassador to India Kenji Hiramatsu said that this region is disputed and Japan understands why India is involved in this dispute.

China’s foreign ministry spokeswoman, Hua Chunying said, “We have come to know that Japan’s Ambassador to India wants to support India in this dispute, and I want to remind them that without understanding this related facts clearly, Do not talk unrestrained rhetoric. ” Hua has ignored the Japanese ambassador Hiramatsu. Hiramatsu has said that Docmal is a disputed area and no country should change its status on the strength of power.

Hua said, “There is no regional dispute in the Donglong region of Dokalam and the boundary has been set and both parties have accepted it. The effort of change in this status by encroachment by the army is being done by India, not by China but by India. ” Significantly, Japan is the first country, which has openly supported India on the Docmal controversy.

Hua Chunying has urged India to withdraw its forces from Dokalm with immediate effect. In this area, there has been a standoff between India and China since June. Hua said that for the dialogue to resolve this crisis, India will have to undo its forces unconditionally. Significantly, Docmal is a disputed area between Bhutan and China. India says that this region belongs to Bhutan and Chinese troops have entered into this area, affecting India’s strategic interests.



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