Catalonia freedom movement: 8 other states in world asking for same


The state of Catalonia and presently part of Spain government is currently going through Catalonia freedom movement. The citizens of Catalonia are protesting against Spain and demanding separate nation. Recently, they announced themselves as free state after which Spain enforced central law on Catalonia. Now, on upcoming 21st December, Spain will organize Catalonia Elections to reset governance in the state.

This is neither the first time nor the last when citizens of a state demanded separate nation. A segment of citizens in Kashmir do also demand for separate nation from India and Pakistan. Not all the demands are logical, not all illogical. Catalonia freedom movement is not the only movement for free county at present.

Movements similar to Catalonia Freedom Movement:

There are many other countries which are experiencing public demand for a free nation on a small or large scale. These people have different terms and conditions. Their reasons to ask for freedom from present governance are also different. These states are:

  1. Flanders (Belgium)

    This is also coined as Flemish region. It is the northern part of Belgium and primarily speak the Dutch language. The leader of New Flemish Alliance, Bart De Wever has also announced that one day they will surely take back their freedom from Belgium.

  2. Corsica (France)

    The island of Corsica is one of 18 major states in France. The state gained many political and ruling freedoms in 2000. Since after, the demand of separate nation has raised more.

  3. The Kingdom of Lombardy-Venetia

    Just like Catalonia freedom movement, Kingdom of Lombardy also hosted people voting for free nation on 22nd October, this year. The state is well known for its richness and prosperity.

  4. Scotland (Great Britain)

    It is not long since Britain decided to cut out of European Union (Brexit). It also gave additional reason to Scotland citizens to ask for their freedom. The Scotland is under British governance since past 300 years.

  5. Bask Country (Spain)

    Bask or Basque Country is an autonomous communal body in Northern Spain. It is another part of Spain other than Catalonia freedom movement, asking for freedom from Spain. Spanish Taxes do not apply on the citizens of Bask Country.

  6. Bavaria (Germany)

    One of biggest regions of Germany, Bavaria citizens demand freedom for German government. Although, the court of law in Germany declared such demands as illegal.

  7. Faroe Islands (Denmark)

    The faroe islands are self governing set of islands. This region is not yet completely independent from Denmark. Experts suggest that Faroe Islands might have a similar movement as in Catalonia very soon.

  8. Taiwan (China)

    Many people from Taiwan want their freedom back from China but could not dare to ask for it due to strict legal punishments. Chinese government also holds control over most of the media and social platforms.

These are few states in the world which might come up as a new country sometime soon. For now, Catalonia Freedom Movement is in full swing. Stay connected with us for latest updates.



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