Being A Child In Venezuela Today Is Dangerous


Being a child in Latin American country Venezuela now is dangerous. Relief agency Caritas Venezuela reveals more than half of children under age 5 are malnutritioned.

According to child advocacy group Cecodap about 840,000 children live with one parent as the other half has emigrated.

Fe y Alegria reveals school attendance has fallen in the country by about 50 percent in past two years.

In 2016 infant mortality stood at 11,466, a 30 percent high compared to a year before, as per a report of Ministry of Health in 2017.

Joblessness, hyperinflation, power outages and shortages of medicine, food and water are at the highest in its recent past and United Nations estimates about 3.7 million have fled Venezuela.

The government is blamed for corruption, political stalemate and mismanagement.

Cecodap psychologist Abel Saraiba said, “We have a broken country that is sacrificing its future.”

Government social worker in Caracas, Nelson Villasmil, said about a dozen parents every day are found struggling to figure out what to do with their kids as they are emigrating.

Villasmil added, “I often ask myself if I’m doing enough to protect children… The answer is no. Because I can’t. This is the worst time to be a child in Venezuela.”



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