Bangladesh Court Sentences 10 to Death for Plot to Kill PM Sheikh Hasina


Dhaka: 10 extremists of the banned organization Harkat-al-Jehad-e-Islami Bangladesh (HuJI) have been sentenced to death and nine others have been given 20 years in jail for the failed attempt to kill Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. These people had conspired to assassinate Hasina by using a highly explosive device in a plain of Pashtani village of Hasina in Gopalganj in 2000. Hasina was scheduled to address a public meeting there. The extremists had planted 76 kilograms of bomb plot under the attempt of the assassination of Hasina.

Security officials detonated the bomb before the public meeting and thwarted this conspiracy. After the investigation, it was discovered that Mighty Hannan, Hooghi’s donor, is the mastermind of this conspiracy. Hannan was hanged in the beginning of this year in connection with the attempt to assassinate the then British High Commissioner of Bangladeshi origin. 25 suspects were accused in the case of privilege law 9 of these were sentenced to 20-20 years in prison and fine of 20-20 thousand takas was imposed. 4 people were acquitted Judge Mumtaz Begum of the Quick Hearing Tribunal-2 based in Dhaka said, “With the permission of the High Court, these people will be hanged or given a death sentence.” Of these, only 8 people were held in jail while the remaining people were heard in absence of the hearing.

Under the law of Bangladesh, the High Court has to get permission for the execution of death penalty. The guilty can appeal. This decision has come at a time when a Dhaka court has almost completed the hearing of another case of attempt to murder Hasina in 2004. At the time of this conspiracy, the Awami League chief Hasina was the leader of the opposition. It is believed that an influential group of then Srirup BNP led by former Prime Minister Khaleda Zia conspired with Haji to plot Hasina’s assassination. In this attack, Haseena Bal-Bal had escaped, although her ear was hurt. BNP leader and Khalida Jia’s son Tariq Rehman has been made the main accused in this case and is being sued in his absence.



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