AI Lab In China By Google, Is Google Ready For The Future


China and Google were on opposite end of the spectrum when Google was forced out of China due to an issue regarding privacy of the Google users. In China, where everything on the internet is closely monitored by the Government, it was difficult for Google to function in such an environment.

Well, this gave the opportunity to local players who captured the market share on the internet.Google is our home for everything on the internet. It started as a search engine but today it is the biggest technology giant on the internet. Its name has become synonymous with the search which proves its presence on the internet.

Artificial intelligence is the latest technology which is set to define the direction of technological changes in the world. It is not a new concept, yet it has fueled the imagination of scientists and researchers since decades. They are a firm believer in the power of artificial intelligence. It encompasses the whole range of human intelligence which is utilized in creating such a technology. Google which is currently into pretty much everything that is available on the internet. Their product list is great which combines the latest technology with a unique experience.

AI Lab Of Asia

Recently, Google made headlines when its deep mind technology defeated the world champion at alpha go which is an ancient Chinese game.As the research and development have progressed rapidly in the AI and ML, Google has to rethink its strategy of further research and development in the AI. Currently, It has such AI labs in other parts of the world such as Germany and England but this AI lab is first for Asia.She emphasised the presence of Chinese researchers when she mentioned about the number of research papers published related to Al and ML.

The Chinese have already dig deeper into this latest technology, and Google wishes to leverage the Potential by setting up their first AI lab of Asia in China.China has become the breeding ground for the AI researchers and Google wishes to tap this potential. As evident from its investment in the AI research, when it bought a British startup named Deep Mind Technologies for 500 million $. Facebook was also in discussions with the company in 2013, but Google offered a much better deal.

The Future Of AI

Google has already hired the best of AI experts and engineers to develop the general purpose AI. A technology which will let us understand what is intelligence and how to measure it for further development and progress.Google in its post said they want to support the best minds in the AI no matter where that talented mind is. It seems quite fitting in the regards of Google which has practically captured everything imaginable on the Internet.
Google hopes this time they will have a solid relationship with China to develop a technology that makes us wiser. Google’s chief of AI mentioned in her public post on Google about this latest development. She managed to list of the development and progress of Artificial intelligence and machine learning. She said that the next technological development can happen anywhere in the world and not only in the silicon valley.



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