Truth Revealed of The World Hottest Maths Teacher


This is the girl who has gone viral on the Internet a couple of months ago as The World’s Hottest Maths teacher isn’t she? But later on it revealed that she is not a maths Teacher. Yes, that’s right! She is actually a student and even more surprisingly, not at all good at Mathematics, the subject which she is being said to teach in the video that had gone viral.


This the the video

Actually She is Oksana Neveselaya (17) one morning saw a video of a girl who looks similar to her. The video broke the Internet as it got 30,000 views just within 4 days.


The identity of the teacher in the video is still unknown but she’s not Oksana Neveselaya for sure. Oksana who belongs from Minsk, the capital of Belarus, was considered to be the girl in the video by all and sundry. Since then, she has been in a denial mode regarding that video; however, if we take a look at both the ladies, they look quite similar. There are images of the teacher in which she is giving pose in a two-piece next to the whiteboard and a swimming pool.

“People started sending me links and screenshots from Facebook. Posts would get up to 17,000 likes.”


The number of followers of Oksana increased to thousands overnight because of her similar looks with that hot teacher. Amazingly, netizens also managed to dig out a video in which Oksana was dancing on the table.teacher5

Oksana says that she is not even good in Maths, This is Amazing

“I only got 7 out of 10, so I can’t say that I’ve done well in it.”


Oksana also discloses that she has been facing problems in studies since 6th standard because she loves to play chess and keeps travelling to play tournaments. The stunning chess player didn’t talk about her ranking but said that chess is her passion.


The number of followers of Oksana on Instagram is half a million, thanks to that Maths teacher whose identity is still not confirmed.

She may be the wrong girl but she is as gorgeous and pretty as the Maths teacher, isn’t she?

We wish her all the best for her career in chess.

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