11 people killed and 25 hospitalized due to deadly Nipah virus

nipah virus attack
11 killed and 25 hospitalized due to Nipah virus attack

11 people killed and 25 hospitalized due to deadly Nipah Virus in southern India, especially in Kerala. Although the test results are showing that the Nipah virus has not come from bats. The medical department authorities are still conducting more tests to find its main source.

Along with Zika virus and Ebola virus, Nipah virus is also included on the priority list of emerging diseases in the world which can even cause the global pandemic, according to WorldHealth Organisation.

The infected people initially suffered from vomiting, mental confusion, fever, disorientation- ultimately death. here are all the pieces of information about this emerging disease:

There was a report saying that several species of bat that are fly throughout entire Asia carry Nipah. In the year 2007, most of the people from Bangladesh suffered from this incurable disease by drinking raw date palm sap that the fruit bat had also contaminated. These bats had also transmitted Nipah virus to pigs, which then easily get transferred to humans. And then human beings easily spread Nipah body fluids and saliva.

To find the main cause of the outcome of this virus the medical departments of India are still testing the bats and other animals as well as food samples that have been sipped by bats. According to the medical reports, this virus also damages lungs and kidneys of humans. The reports clearly state that the virus initially targets the respiratory system in humans before affecting the brain and nervous system

Recently 21 samples of pigs and bats were forwarded to Animal Disease Laboratory at the capital city of Madhya Pradesh. All the sample reports, however, turned negative. Those samples were taken from the victim who resides at Moosa at Perambara village. However, the rest of the samples were taken from the entire Perambara. The officials mentioned as of now that the virus Nipah doesn’t come from the bats. However, the lab officials are still in the process to conduct more tests to find the main cause.

  1. All the people who are in close contact with the patients are put under the strict observation. The samples from them were also taken and were sent to Virus Research Centre of Manipal. This infection is very rare and also there is no vaccine available as of now. Currently, a drug named Ribavirin is used to control the situation which is procured from Malaysia. This drug is very effective in microorganisms and cells. Such doses of drugs already reached in the local areas of Kerala.



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